Med Creative Cluster

Supported by the actions & testing of tools of the 8 Nests, the Med Creative Industries Cluster entity constitute a smart atmosphere of social and financial innovation focusing on social cohesion, urban regeneration and sustainable tourism. By creating cooperation opportunities and exchanges of knowledge, it intends to support transferability, internationalization, joint cooperation and exchange of knowledge between SMEs, Creative industries and Cultural engines. The development of this innovative clustering on CCIs level and the setting-up of joint cooperation at partnerships among investors and public actors will help promote the potential to support sustainable growth in the MED area.

You will find in this part, the tools and concepts that are being prototyped and tested within the Creative Nest and Smath project like aToolbox supporting creative industries in the Med area.

The sustainability of the MED Creative Cluster, as well as the continuity of SMATH Platform after the end of Project will be managed. In order to transfer the impact of CIs on social innovation (responsible tourism, urban regeneration and social cohesion) relationships will be developed with all main EU organizations interested to foster agreements both for follow-up actions and to support the SMATH platform. In the last phase, each Nest – according to the pilot action and the evaluation carried out – will elaborate a Sustainability plan.