December 2019


Where did the idea come from ? Who are the project holders ?

The idea came from the intersection of the company’s two main values: sustainability and innovation. The company wanted to share its efforts and commitment to “tread lighltly” on the environment and to use all its resources to promote effective change.

What do they do ? What’s the project about ?

The project aims to convert exhaust gases into usable ink. The resulting product (ink) would be then used by the artists involved to represent animals and plants that are suffering because of progressive worsening of environmental conditions. The artistic works would be then displayed on public spaces to stimulate reflection and dialogue.

How does the SMATH project help them ? What are the next steps ?

The SMATH project was instrumental in pushing the company to bring its vision to life. Next on the pipeline is finding the company that can perform the conversion from exhaust gas to ink, defining a schedule, the appropriate locations to display artistic works and allocate funds to be invested.

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