Connected Jewelery

March 2020

logo Flamnote connected jewelery le bijou qui parle d'amour


Where did the idea come from ? Who are the project holders ?

The project is supported by the RSE Innovation France association in its aspects of corporate social engagement and with a view to future deployment in its “care” version (for white label deployment, SMEs and large accounts whose employees are exposed to risk situations). RSE Innov. is partnering with manufacturers for the manufacturing and IOT part (ST Microelectronics and Beuchat) and also aims to quickly contact a distributor offering a retail distribution channel in the field of fashion and costume jewelry.

What do they do ? What’s the project about ?

Flam'note is a Jewel connected to an application installed on the smartphones of the two "correspondents" and which allows – to send a love message drawn from hundreds of quotes from authors (database already established) and to respond to it via the jewel – to use the jewel to alert a loved one of an emergency situation (assault, accident, …)

Why did they create it ? What kind of impact (social, artistic, innovative,) does the project have?

Targeting the general public by promoting the Gift dimension to a loved person … (France is the 3d largest online dating market in Europe: + 9%per year of turnover) which makes it possible to widen the market without stigmatizing and to cover much broader risk situations (each year, approximately 220,000 adult women are victims of physical and/or sexual violence from their (ex-)spouse). The project wishes to work with the CCAS d'Arles, GRAIFF and the CIDFF (Information Center on the Rights of Women and Families).

How does the SMATH Project help them? What are the next steps?

SMATH is offering the opportunity for real stimulation of the project and specific training which allows me to draw up a realistic development schedule. I benefit from a time of professional exchanges to accelerate this project and a very strong encouragement to bring it to completion.


logo Flamnote connected jewelery le bijou qui parle d'amour

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