How to make handcrafted furniture with low environmental impact

March 2020
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Where did the idea come from ? Who are the project holders ?

Our commitment to sustainable development is very significant in our personal and professional endeavors. So developing furniture based on raw earth and biobased and geo-sourced materials while using innovative manufacturing techniques seemed obvious to us.

What do they do ? What’s the project about ?

Mobiterre is a collection of earthenware furniture launched in 2019. It was born out of a desire to make handcrafted furniture with low environmental impact and channeled after the meeting of Rachid Mizrahi, artist & Miki Nectoux, designer.

Why did they create it ? What kind of impact (social, artistic, innovative,) does the project have?

By our reflection of local sourcing (clay, rice straw, …) and by our structuring in the local ecosystem of Pole ICP's cluster we think to impact the territory of a measured, sustainable and intelligent economy.

How does the SMATH Project help them? What are the next steps?

The SMATH project allowed us to structure our project by providing a common thread and support through the key stages of production of the prototype. It also allowed us to interact with other project leaders. Understanding their projects and submitting ours was a particularly relevant step for us.

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