Arredo Sonoro

Arredo Sonoro

About Sound Design & Sound Furniture

May 2020
Arredo Sonoro


Where did the idea come from ? Who are the project holders ?

Arredo Sonoro was born from the collaboration between the art therapist Francesca Salcioli and the audio software developer Andrea Ambrosino, both musicians. The initiative fits into the context of the sound fruition and music therapy and came from the idea of creating soundscapes able to integrate digital and analog, psychoacoustic and electronic elements to be applied to the sectors of the well-being and design.

What do they do ? What’s the project about ?

Arredo Sonoro is a project about Sound Design and Sound Furniture that aims to facilitate the harmony of spaces through sound, with the creation of sound furnishing elements, with a functional and decorative vocation. The project involves the creation of Sound Furniture elements inspired in parallel to musical instruments for the world of meditation and well-being and intends to introduce on the market, through a portal of online sales and a physical showroom, elements of sound furnishing both in the home supply chain and in public contexts.

Why did they create it ? What kind of impact (social, artistic, innovative,) does the project have?

Arredo Sonoro was created to favour the integration of Music Therapy and Sound Therapy in design and to bring the benefits of sound and music inside houses and spaces, using furnishing elements. The project aims to have a social and artistic impact in particular in the well-being of people and families.

How does the SMATH Project help them? What are the next steps?

SMATH helped them to focus on their prospective customers and on their needs, to become more aware of the strengths and weak points of their idea and so made them well-disposed toward improvements. The next steps are the improvement of the business model and the creation of a business strategy.

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