Mapparte PRO

Mapparte PRO

Interactive map to help find available locations for creative activities

May 2020
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Where did the idea come from ? Who are the project holders ?

Mapparte is a project born at the beginning of 2017 from the need of its inventor, Simona Verrusio, cultural operator and artist, that often-experienced difficulties in finding an appropriate location to carry out her artistic activities. From this need the idea to map creative locations for all artists to enable them to quickly find the correct space for their activities and initiatives. The work team behind the Mapparte PRO project is consisting in Stanic Goran, Cascio Simona and Muro Pelliconi Elisa.

What do they do ? What’s the project about ?

Mapparte PRO consists in the further professional implementation of the app and website of the already developed multidevice platform Mapparte. It wants to provide a tool that can help finding locations available for creative activities. The project goal is to become a marketplace for creative people and a permanent observatory for creativity through the implementation of activities related to data analysis. Mapparte PRO is addressing artists such as musicians, performers, actors, art teachers, writers, dancers and also owner of locations.

Why did they create it ? What kind of impact (social, artistic, innovative,) does the project have?

Mapparte provides an interactive and detailed map where it’s possible to find a place in order to satisfy user needs: they can select-in relation to the activity they intend to practice- which place suites their needs knowing its features, with the chance to view some photos of the room and check the equipment available. In this way Mapparte facilitate social cohesion and cultural exchange. It enhances cultural and artistic networking.

How does the SMATH Project help them? What are the next steps?

SMATH provided the project team with interesting tools that helped them analyzing in deeper certain essential details of their idea. They found useful to have a structure to focus on with the team and appreciated a lot having the opportunty to confront and share points of view with other projects.

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